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Ventura County Official Says More Must Be Done To Prevent Power Outages During High Wind Events

Tony Webster, CC BY-SA 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Some of us across the region suffered power outages last week during strong gusty winds, when SoCal Edison turned off power to reduce the risk of fires.

A Simi Valley official says that more must be done to stop the recurring shutdowns. 

Since electrical equipment was blamed for causing of the deadly Woolsey wildfire, strategic power shuts downs by SoCal Edison during a high wind event have become common place.

Last week, thousands of residents in Ventura County went without power for days during strong gusty winds and red flag conditions.

Mayor Keith Mashburn of Simi Valley says that more must be done to stop recurring outages.

"They're a very poor band aid to patch a failing system and repair of the system and maintenance of the system should take precedence over turning the system off," he told KCLU. 

"It has an effect on children that are in virtual schools. And you have to take into consideration people that have medical devices that depend on power and they're not able to use those devices," he said. 

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