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Cannabis Growers Look To Offer Olive Branch To Neighbors By Scrubbing Smell


It's been a contentious issue for years: the odor of cannabis lingering over the Carpinteria valley.

Now, Cindy and David van Wingerden of CVW organic farms, have teamed up with the inventor of a new technology to clean up the air in their greenhouses.

Byers Scientific will make the so-called "scrubber," and is looking to get more of the growers in the valley to integrate it.

Cleaning up the odor would be an olive branch of sorts to residents in the area, who have frequently complained.

The scrubbers would aim to clean up the odor before the air leaves the greenhouses in the mornings or in the evenings, when there have been numerous complaints.

Byers says the effective rate of their scrubber is around 96%.

The Santa Barbara Planning Commission has reviewed the product and said it's one of the best it's ever seen.

The Summerland-based owner of the scrubber product says that it's the only one of its kind in North America.

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