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Local Artists' Work Goes On Display In Outdoor Gallery During Pandemic


Artists on the South Coast are getting the opportunity to showcase their work, in a COVID-compliant way. 

Ventura County Arts Council has come up with a way to create an art gallery for local artists, by displaying them in the window of an empty building. 

The large glass windows of this Ventura office block were bare – the building waiting for a tenant, on the corner of Victoria and Moon.

Until Wendy Osher from Ventura County Arts Council had an idea to create an art gallery featuring local artists - for those on the outside…looking in.

Credit KCLU News

"The art work is four different artists from the county who have animated this space in a really interesting way, which I think is so important at this time of divisiveness and isolation," she told KCLU News. 

"We can come and look at a different ways of seeing things and that's one of the biggest things that the arts has to offer."

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