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Successful Recall Effort Ends Tenure For Controversial Central Coast City Councilman

City of Solvang Youtube
Former City Councilmember Chris Djernaes expresses dissatisfaction with a commenter during a Solvang City Council meeting.

One of the smallest cities on the Central Coast is dealing with some big-time politics this week.

A recall effort has passed for Chris Djernaes, a City Councilmember in Solvang.

Voters overwhelmingly decided to remove him from office.

During his tenure, Djernaes had conflicts with the Chamber of Commerce, the City Adminstrator, and faced reports of violating the council's code of ethics.

He was also accused of ignoring the will of the voters after a number of conflicts with members of the public who were speaking at the podium during a City Council meeting.

With two years left in the term, the voters chose former Sheriff Jim Thomas as the replacement.

Another council position was filled, as well as a new mayor.

The shake-up in staffing could reflect a new outlook in Solvang politics.

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