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Borderline Tribute Calls For 12 Acts Of Kindness For 12 Lives Lost As Second Anniversary Approaches


As the second anniversary of the Borderline Bar and Grill attack approaches, a project to pay respects to the 12 who lost their lives in a COVID-19 cautious way has been launched.

Twelve acts of kindness for the twelve lives lost, two years ago in the tragic events at the Borderline, is the message from the City of Thousand Oaks, who are behind the campaign.


Alexandra South – their Communications manager explains to KCLU that it could be a gesture big or small. 

"The acts of kindness could range from doing something kind for yourself like a hot bath or a few moments of breathing.

"To giving your neighbors flowers from your garden or paying for the coffee for the car behind you in line. You don’t have to spend any money, everybody can be really creative in their own ways which reflect their feelings," she said. 

People are encouraged to share their acts using #12Actsofkindness on social media.

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