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Voters Turn Out For Early In-Person Polling


Election Day is just one day away, but many people are taking advantage of early voting which started over the weekend in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties - with more than 70 locations open for voting. 

A gentle but steady stream of voters formed a short line at an in-person voting location in Camarillo on Monday morning.

Although all registered California voters should have received a ballot by mail, many said they preferred to do it in person.

"I want to be able to physically hand it to somebody or put it in the box myself," one voter told KCLU.

Credit KCLU

It was another's first time voting, "I'm an adult now so I got to vote. Every vote counts, you know."  

"We are all three voting," a family of three who had come together told KCLU. They said they were voting in person because "it's the right way to do it." 

"I always vote in person, never use absentee ballot," explained another voter, who, like other voters, was wearing a mask to stand in line. 

"My mail-in ballot never arrived so I had to come here to make sure it gets counted. I want to make sure I'm actually taking part in this election" another voter explained. "I'm just ready for everything to be over right now....I'm just hoping to see some change," he added. 

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