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Pandemic Fatigue? Charitable Organizations In Region Appeal For More Donations To Help Vulnerable


As the coronavirus pandemic continues into a ninth month, some charitable organizations on the Central and South Coast say they are noticing a reduction in much-needed donations for the vulnerable members of the community.

Senior Concerns President Andrea Gallagher set up their pantry delivery program back in March to help seniors who are self-isolating at home.  She says that donations are running low, and they need more.

She explains to KCLU that people in the community are still in need and, in some cases, are sheltering more now than earlier in the pandemic because of the uptick in case numbers. 

Credit KCLU

For 71-year-old Colleen St Onge, she says it’s been a relief to have the extra help, after she suddenly lost her income from two part time jobs in March, and she’s cautious about leaving her home because of the virus.

"I'm still being careful. It makes it a lot easier, for me, when I feel like I need extra help to feel like it's not a burden. It really takes a load off for those of us that have a limited income. This program is a credit to the people of Conejo Valley because they are so generous," St Onge says.   

That generosity allows Senior Concerns to deliver around 500 bags of groceries a month to seniors – like Coleen – who are in need, and many more who are finding themselves reaching out for extra help as the pandemic continues. 

Gallagher says, "We are getting a lot more phone calls - the need is great out there."

Colleen says the deliveries have enabled her to find peace of mind in these difficult times.

"I've just felt very peaceful, contented and provided for. Who would have thought that even with considerably less income that I would still have that assurance of feeling OK," she said of the delivery program. 

Credit KCLU

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