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Officials Expected To Release Final Report On 2019 Dive Boat Fire In Channel Islands


The National Transportation Safety Board is meeting Tuesday to discuss its investigation into the Conception Dive Boat fire, which took place on September 2, 2019.

The Board will present the findings of the investigation, the fire's probable cause, and any recommendations that could potentially prevent further incidents.

34 people died in the tragic fire. 33 were passengers, and one was a crew member.

The NTSB investigators interviewed the surviving crew members, including Captain Jerry Boylan.

The report is expected to show that crew tried extensively to put out the fire, which a number of preliminary reports have said was started by lithium-ion batteries that had been plugged in for charging.

The Conception Dive Boat had passed all of its Coast Guard inspections prior to the incident.

Glen and Dana Fritzler and Truth Aquatics, the owners of the dive boat, have filed a legal claim to shield themselves from damages under a maritime law.

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