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Santa Barbara County's Isla Vista Community Goes Virtual To Prevent Notorious Halloween Parties


In an area that has been known over the years for large Halloween street parties, Isla Vista on the South Coast is being offered an alternative in the Covid era.

The Isla Vista Community Services District is working to add virtual events on October 30 and 31 which would last from 7 p.m. to 1 a.m.

The events are being presented via social media, which includes lists of local musicians, costume and spoken word contests, and a variety of performances submitted by student groups as well as community members.

There will also be a virtual comedy show on the 30th and a virtual concert on the 31st, put on by the Associated Students of UC Santa Barbara.

The goal is to divert people away from forming large groups in the streets to prevent super-spreader events.

Under normal circumstances, many of the events would still have gone on, diverting revelers to UCSB's Thunderdome.

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