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South Coast Clinic Launches Online Resource For Community Wellness


For doctors, keeping track of healthcare resources available to patients is a difficult task.

One South Coast health system is working to solve that.

Santa Barbara-based Sansum Clinic has launched an online portal that lets people search for free or reduced cost health and social services.

The community resources hub has a curated list of non-profits and is easy to search via terms like “food pantry” or “counseling.”

Barbara Conviser, Director of Population Health at Sansum, says that patients often benefit from treatment that goes beyond what can happen during a hospital visit.

“We’re trying to keep people healthy, and to do that it’s not always a doctor that’s the most important piece," Conviser says. "It’s having access to healthy foods, to exercise, to preventive care, those types of things.”

The community resource hub is free for everyone and live via Sansum’s website.

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