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New South Coast Library Program Offers Grab Bags Of Books With No Late Fees

As coronavirus closures stretch on, one South Coast Library is offering a unique alternative to browsing the shelves.

Checking out a book at the library may not be a new idea, but how about checking out a bag of books at random? The Goleta Valley Library’s new Grab-N-Go bags offer exactly that.

“You can choose by reading level, by genre, you can choose between adult, teen, and children’s books," says Librarian Elizabeth Saucedo. "They come out in a brown paper bag, and you are welcome to take them home, read them, enjoy them, and bring them back whenever you’re finished.”

Discovering four or five new writers is part of the fun of the bags, Saucedo says, and just so there isn’t too much pressure to rush through a new favorite novel, the library is also rethinking an old standby: the late fee.

“There’s no due date on the item, so just enjoy them and bring them back for the next reader whenever you’re done,” Saucedo says.

The Grab-N-Go Bag service is open Wednesday through Saturday.

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