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Application For E-Bike Rental Business To Go Before Santa Barbara City Council

An appeal has been filed over an electric bike rental proposal in a popular downtown area on the South Coast.

The proposal had recently gone before the Historic Landmarks Commission, which brought up concerns about the area and number of rental locations, the color, and whether or not the locations would use the  sidewalk or the street.

There was also another concern that the racks for the rental bikes would replace existing bike racks.

Some of the members said this was more than just a color or location discussion, and the proposal did not get an approval.

It has now since been appealed, and will go in front of the City Council.

In the past the City Council has favored this type of transportation option for those downtown and on the waterfront.

The proposal arrives at a time when the layout of the city's downtown promenade is in flux. The area is closed for vehicles, and is instead adapting to support outside dining, pedestrians, bicycles, and entertainment.

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