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South Coast College Goes Outdoors For Socially Distanced PE Classes

At a time when students are mostly doing their studies remotely, the Physical Education Department at Santa Barbara City College is looking to hold classes outdoors in their stadium.

That move is part of an effort to get students to safely take part in person, says Physical Education Chair Kathy O'Connor.

"Nobody is allowed to be in here and work out without a mask, so if they can't work out with a mask they just don't come," O'Connor says.

Students interested in participating install an app on their phone and answer a questionniare every morning about their health before they go in.

The area is also being thoroughly sanitized, says Athletic Director Rocco Constantino.

"The school has more than enough PPE, hand sanitizer, face masks," Constantino says. "They're really making an extra effort."

Women's Basketball coach Sandrine Krul added that students are responding positively.

"They're excited, they feel better, so mental health, physical health and they do better in their classes just by being around," Krul says.