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Historic Equestrian Showgrounds On South Coast Reopens After Remodeling

After months of improvements, the equestrian side of the Earl Warren Showgrounds has reopened.

"I think it's a historical landmark at this point for Santa Barbara," says Lance Bennett, Horse Show Manager at the Showgrounds.

Over the weekend, the first equestrian activities took place in the main arena and in the outside rings, which underwent some revamping, according to Karen Christensen, who was part of the design team.

"To make an excellent footing surface for the shows, we put in this new beautiful fencing, the whole middle section is removable to have derby's and other events," Christensen says.

The reopening has fans among the participants, including equestrian Tanya Wikert.

"It's really fantastic to be here.  This is a really historical riding place.  You look back at all the historic riders and they are all riding here," Wykert says.

The next set of fundraising is aimed at bringing improvements to the barn areas.

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