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Popular South Coast National Park May Close Island To Upgrade Aging Dock

National Park Service

A popular national park off the South Coast is beginning a major improvement project that may even involve the closure of an entire island.
Visitors to Anacapa Island have been climbing up a steel rung ladder to the aging dock for years, but that may soon change.The Channel Islands National Park Service has begun the lengthy process of upgrading the dock, which will feature two major improvements.

First, the dock will have a lift instead of a ladder to increase ease of access, and second:

“It’s additionally going to be a couple feet higher than the existing landing," says Yvonne Menard with the Channel Islands National Park, "and then it’ll have the ability to be raised an additional three feet in the event of sea level rise.”

Menard says that the dock is still in the planning phase, but when construction does get started, the park service may have to close the island to visitors, since the dock is the only way for them to get on the island.

Once construction is finished, Menard says that park-goers will be able to see the island’s beauty much easier.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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