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South Coast Researchers Develop New Forecast Model Using Artificial Intelligence

With coronavirus case numbers still riding high, deciding when it will be possible to fully reopen is a difficult question.

A team of South Coast scientists are working on finding that answer, by looking to give authorities a new tool in the fight.

Xifeng Yan and Yu-Xiang Wang at UC Santa Barbara have used Artificial Intelligence to develop a new type of data-crunching model.

Their AI-driven system is able to ingest numbers and provide outcomes at a local level, where trends aren’t as always as visible as at the state or national level.

Yan says that all authorities need to do to drive the AI is to keep collecting information.

“As long as you feed a lot of data into the model, you are able to get a very accurate model," Yan says. "At least better than existing statistical models, and they’ll give you a better prediction.”

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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