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South Coast Cities Walk Tightrope Between Tourism Promotion and Safety


Tourism leaders are stuck in a balancing act these days.

Leisure travel saw a big uptick in June, and many people in Southern California are taking driving trips, when they might normally have been flying.

That has created a competitive marketplace for tourist destinations, including cities on the South Coast.

The city of Santa Barbara is set to allocate $1.3 million for self-promotion via their "Visit Santa Barbara" campaign.

That money would be spread out over advertising, consumer and trade information, public relation, and sales.

Leaders in the tourism industry say they're trying to salvage the summer tourism season and save as many local businesses and jobs as possible.

How travelers will continue to react to the coronavirus surge and move about for their vacations is still up in the air, especially if local or statewide rules reenact restrictions on movement.

Visit Santa Barbara says they'll be adjusting their plan on a quarterly basis.

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