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South Coast Food Banks Add Local Products And Produce To Handouts


Food banks have seen an increase in demand as the coronavirus crisis continues.

The organizations have taken efforts to continue to hand out their disbursements, usually consisting of canned and dry goods like pasta, peanut butter, and soups, along with fruits and vegetables.

The disbursement in Carpinteria, however, has been coming with a few localized surprises.

Each week, much of the extra produce grown in the area shows up at the distribution site, as well as many surplus avocados and freshly cut flowers.

This week, Casa Hernandez Salsa, a locally-made brand, brought 40 cases of their signature salsa and added it to the disbursement bags.

At times, there have also been extra bags of oranges, milk, eggs, and cheese.

Volunteers at the foodbanks give something like concierge service, loading up cars and sending people on their way.

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