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What's That Smell? South Coast Residents File Lawsuit Over Cannabis Odor


A number of Carpinteria residents say they have been suffering for two years because of the odor of cannabis from local greenhouses, and have now filed a lawsuit.

One of the residents is Greg Gandrud, a former city councilmember, who says that there have also been health problems in the neighborhood.

Gandrud adds that he has been trying to sell his house, and believes he is unable to find a buyer due to the property's proximity to the greenhouses that have marijuana.

Growers have been working on various filtration systems, but Gandrud and the others say that the systems are not working, and the smell is still prevalent.

The residents say they have brought up their complaints numerous times to the Board of Supervisors.

Meanwhile, the County of Santa Barbara says they are including strict odor requirements on permits for cannabis operations.

One of the marijuana greenhouses is located 70 feet away from residential areas.

At least four different growers have been named in the lawsuit. They say that they have not received a copy of the lawsuit yet, and are not commenting at this time.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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