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South Coast City Aims To Address Dangerous Traffic Situation On Scenic Street

The city of Santa Barbara is looking at traffic safety improvements in an area that has had numerous accidents and close calls in recent years, including some fatalities.

After receiving numerous complaints from citizens, officials are now focused on improving an area known as the Cliff Drive corridor, from Las Positas Road to Loma Alta Drive near Santa Barbara City College.

There are plans to add more crosswalk areas, additional signal lights, and bike lane improvements for safer riding.

However, these plans come with a hefty price tag,

The city is hoping to alleviate some of that cost by applying for a fifteen million dollar grant.

Officials will be putting in their application soon, but say that because of a very competitive environment, there is no guarantee that the city will receive the grant.

If all the pieces come together, officials say these improvements could begin in 2025.