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South Coast City Planning New Push Towards Closing Homeless Camps

Santa Barbara is taking an aggressive approach towards homeless camps they deem dangerous.

The city does not want to see large-scale cites, which had been established at times in the areas around the Ventura Riverbed, the Lompoc Riverbed, and Ormond Beach.

When camps form, the city uses public works crews, police, outreach workers, and associated agencies such as Union Pacific, to notify the vagrants to leave.

The city crews then return for a full-scale cleanup.

On Monday, hundreds of pounds of debris and belongings were removed from a cite on the eastern end of the city of Santa Barbara near Montecito.

Residents and business owners had been concerned about the encampment leading to health and safety issues, fires, and crimes.

"Everything that they bring out here stays out here," says Nick Cabugos with the Public Works Agency. Cabugos often works with social services, CalTrans, and Environmental Health on cleanups.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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