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E-bikes Staking Claim At South Coast Electric Vehicle Events This Week

Events up and down the South Coast this week are looking to spotlight going green with electric vehicles, but for those interested in a less-conventional mode of green transport, electric bicycles have been growing in popularity as a rental and even daily transport option. 

“You’re able to get to work, but you don't have to take a shower or change your clothes,” says Shelley Sund, owner of the Ventura Bike Depot. 

Sund says that because e-bikes can climb hills and carry cargo with ease, they can be as good as cars with the right infrastructure.

“In some cases, especially with our electric cargo bikes, they’re replacing a second car," Sund says. "It’s good for the environment.”

For those looking to test a bike, there are events this week in Ventura, Goleta, and Solvang, among other places.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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