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South Coast Officials Support Proposed New Police Station In Face Of Resistance

The city of Santa Barbara has spent months studying locations for the possibility of a new police command headquarters.

The new preferred site appears to be the Cota Street commuter lot. The lot is currently used as parking during the week, and a farmer's market on Saturday.

Mayor Cathy Murillo and Police Chief Lori Luhnow were bolstered by other officials who supported the choice of that location, including past mayors Helene Schneider, Hal Conklin, Marty Bloom, and Sheila Lodge.

A decision about the lot could come as early as Tuesday, when the item comes before the city council.

Supporters of the farmer's market, which has been in that location for three decades, have been gathering signatures to support their argument that the lot is the best location for the market, and the police station should go somewhere else.

The city has said that if the farmer's market is forced to move, it will support them during the move and help with promotion and design.