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"The World’s Largest Pot Farms?" South Coast City Prepares Response After Major Article About Pot

Impacts from the cannabis industry in Santa Barbara County will be addressed by the city of Carpinteria on Monday.

That comes as a result of a controversial article in the LA Times that says more cannabis is grown in Carpinteria than is needed by the entire state, and that the world's largest pot farms are near the small town.

However, the city techincally does not have the grows within its limits; they are under the juridiction of Santa Barbarba County.

Residents of Carpinteria, and their representatives, say that the city is getting the negative impact from the odors, traffic, risk of crime, property value decrease, and risk to schoolchildren that comes with the marijuana industry.

The city now intends to draft a strongly-worded resolution to the county at a hearing on Monday.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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