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South Coast Florist Reminds Residents Of Region's Floral History In Time For Valentine's Day

via Florabundance Instagram (@florabundanceinc)

A big conversion has come to the South Coast in recent years, where almost all the greenhouses in Carpinteria moved from flowers and vegetables to cannabis.

Still, at least three greenhouses remain that sell and grow flowers on a regular basis.

One, a wholesale called Florabundance, has set up a flower bar in time for Valentine's Day.

Today and tomorrow, the greenhouse has buckets of flowers set out for customers to come in, pick what they want, and combine them on the bar to make their own bouquet with the help on an employee.

Some flowers are sourced locally, from areas including Oxnard, Carpintera, Nipomo, Salinas, while exotic and seasonal varieties come from around the world.

The owner of the shop say the bar is a way of reminding the customers that flowers are part of the rich history of Carpinteria, even though cannabis is dominating the headlines nowadays.