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Auto Break-In On South Coast Turns Violent When Owner Finds Thieves In The Act

Four suspects are in custody after a violent incident starting at the Hendry's Beach parking lot in Santa Barbara.

Police say a man interrupted them breaking into his vehicle, struggled with them, and was dragged into an SUV. He was hauled out of the parking lot before he got free.

The vehicle was stopped after being spotted speeding on Highway 101. Four suspects from the Los Angeles area were arrested.

Sergeant Jon Ingram said that their MO appeared to be "after they do the burglary, they take the victim's credit cards and use them at stores like Best Buy, Nordstroms, Apple, and max out the limits."

The suspects had several credit cards with them that were not in any of their names allegedly taken from other break-ins, as well as several new items from stores.

Andy worked at KCLU from 2016 until 2022.
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