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Montecito, Santa Barbara Aim To Team Up And Share Water From Desalination Plant

Santa Barbara Desalination Plant

After years of talks, the Montecito Water District and Santa Barbara have come close to finalizing a deal to share water from the latter's desalination plant.

The water could start flowing between the two in about three years if all goes well.

The first step in the plan would be applying for a $26 million state water loan. Support for that move came at a city council meeting Tuesday, and the process itself could take a year.

If that goes well, construction would take place to extend a water line from Santa Barbara to the supply line in Montecito. That process would take an estimated 18 months.

Montecito Water District customers would bear about 65% of the costs.

Proponents of the project say that a regional approach to water is best for the area, and would improve reliability substantially.

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