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South Coast City Considers Extending Ordinance Banning Sitting/Lying On Sidewalks

Citizens of Santa Barbara who spent long periods of time sitting on the sidewalk in the city's downtown area have been contending with what's called a sit-lie ordinanace.

That ordinance bans people from sitting on the sidewalk in the path of others or having items that infringe on the flow of pedestrian traffic, such as bedding or camping gear.

The 13 block of State Street is the target zone for the ordinanace in Downtown Santa Barbara, but in recent months there's been an extension of issues on Haley Street.

A city report says that in one month alone, 70 reports were made and thirty-three arrests took place. The violations ranged from alcohol issues to felony violations and assault.

As a result, the city council is now considering an extension of the sit-lie ordinance from State Street to Haley Street.