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Scooter Saga Continues As Santa Barbara Works Out Sharing Logistics, Fees

Credit: Lime

Plans by at least one company to provide pay-as-you-go scooters could come with an expensive price tag to get the wheels in motion.

Recently the Lime company placed scooters in key areas of Santa Barbara for people to use with the swipe of a credit card at the rate of 15 cents a minute.

The city, however, had not given the company approval, and subsequently impounded 140 scooters with an additional fine of $100 each.

The city was concerned about blocked sidewalks and misuse of the scooters by riders without helmets.

A special hearing Tuesday afternoon at city hall will lay out the newly crafted permit fees of $10,000.

Eventually, two companies could be allowed to operate in the city, with a total of 300 scooters available.

It's unclear if the Lime company will continue with the arrangement, and if they'll pay the fine to get their scooters out of impound.

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