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Police Pursuit On South Coast Ends In Dramatic Fashion On Laundromat Rooftop

A man wanted since November is in custody in Santa Barbara after a lengthy search Monday on the Santa Barbara east side that ended on a rooftop.

Javon Matthews of Oxnard was spotted by police in the Milpas Street area, but he couldn't be found for about 3 hours after he took off.

The police knew he was around somewhere, and their persistence paid off.

The officers climbed up on the roof of a Jack In The Box fast food restaurant, and saw Matthews on the roof of a nearby laundromat.

Matthews was arrested at gunpoint. He was said to be uncooperative, so he had to be fully restrained and brought down attached to a fire department ladder.

Matthews had been wanted on charges linked to kidnapping, false imprisonment, felony assault, and terrorist threats.