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Tall Ships Visit South Coast for Living History Experience

Lady Washington, a replica tall ship from the 1700s, is docked at Ventura Harbor

You can step into maritime history on the South Coast.

Lady Washington, a tall ship, is docked at Ventura Harbor for the public to explore.

Captain James Mcclurg said she’s a replica.

"The original would have been built in 1782 and was a cargo-carrying vessel. We now use this ship for education purposes," he said.

This tall ship has been in several motion pictures including Pirates of the Caribbean.

Lady Washington and her companion ship, Hawaiian Chieftain, look like they came out of the 18th century. They’ve been at the harbor since January 25th for a living history experience.

If you haven’t had a chance to get a dockside tour, sail on the ships or watch a battle sail, then you have until Tuesday before they depart and head to other destinations up and down the California coast.