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Free Bike Lights To Be Given Away On South Coast

With the end of Daylight Savings last weekend, darkness will be setting in earlier.

That will be especially troublesome for bicycle commuters, many of whom lack proper lights on their bikes, which could result in tickets.

The Santa Barbara Bicycle Coalition, SB Bike, is working to solve that problem, by giving out free lights to riders in their 6th annual Illuminando La Noche (Light Up The Night) event.

The event will be staffed primarily by volunteers, including many bilingual Spanish and English speakers.

The first giveaway will take place on Monday afternoon at the Carpinteria Library.

Others will take place on Wednesday at the Westside Clinic, Thursday at the Goleta Community Center, and Friday on Santa Barbara's Eastside.

The program is funded by SB Bike and Measure A transportation funds aimed at safer bicycling and walking programs.

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