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City Leaders Reach Agreement On Bicycle Master Plan for Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara bicycle master plan has been supported by city leaders to make the streets safer for bike riders and drivers.

Transportation officials have been a topic of widespread debates community meetings and redesigns for months.

They have been especially concerned about the way the roads have been shared during the heavy commute hours, and also the high rate of injury accidents in recent years between cars and bikes.

The plan calls for re-striping some streets such as Haley and Cota with green lines for bicyclists.

Also having streets such as Sola and Chino favored streets for bike riders instead of other streets that are heavily used or have more parked cars.

There will also be improvements along the waterfront on Cabrillo Boulevard and Rancheria street near a heavily used corridor around Santa Barbara City college.

The city is seeking state transportation funds for bike lane improvements to help complete the plan. Along the way the city will continue to take public input and suggestions.

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