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South Coast College Mourns Victim In UCLA Shooting, An Alumnus

The Westmont College community is mourning the death of an alumnus: an engineering professor, and father of two, was killed in a murder-suicide on the UCLA campus Wednesday.

William Klug, 39 years old, was an associate professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering.

He died of a gunshot wound inside an engineering building in a frightening scene according to the LAPD, who swarmed the campus until they found out what happened after shots were fired.

The motive of the shooting is under investigation. A note from the shooter was found, which included a "kill list."

Gayle Beebe, the Westmont President, said the campus was deeply saddened.

Klug graduated from Westmont in 1998, and kept in touch with the campus, even attending the summer research symposium each year.

Westmont is planning a special memorial service for Klug.