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Thinh Nguyen: REORIENT


Thinh Nguyen: REORIENT

As expressed by Edward Said in “Orientalism,” our understanding of the Western world can only be appreciated by recognizing it as constructed by a Western binary in opposition to the East, or the Orient. This unstable and false dichotomy is demonstrated in Thinh Nguyen’s work, where the viewer’s assumptions of race, gender and sexuality are visually interrogated. At the heart of this body of work is the ability to expand one’s focus. To rotate the lens in which we perceive the world to benefit from additional, excluded narratives. This is a pulse check, a reassessment, a chance to pause and reappraise the internal compass that we use to navigate. Hence, the title REORIENT, which references directionally the sun rising in the east and is a nod to the artist’s national origin, Vietnam. Divided into three sections — Gendering, De-Centering and Pandemic — this exhibit responds to our collective cultural moment. The exhibit is online at For more information, visit or contact Rachel Schmid at or 805-493-3697.

Virtual Exhibition
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM, every day through May 29, 2021.

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California Lutheran University