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Cephalopod Week comes to KCLU

Science Friday's Cephalopod Week is coming to KCLU in June 2023 - the event is SOLD OUT!

Special update: This event is SOLD OUT!

Science Friday is coming back to Thousand Oaks—this time, we’ll celebrate the sea and our favorite underwater invertebrates: cephalopods! On Saturday, June 24, gather with us at the Bank of America Performing Arts Center Scherr Forum Theatre to learn how the changing oceans are affecting octopuses, what it’s like to study squid, and why artists combine art and science to make beautiful creature creations.

Bring your questions for Lloyd Trueblood, associate professor of biology at La Sierra University and an invertebrate physiologist who studies the squishy animals in the ocean and explores how they survive changing environments, and Meg Mindlin, an MSc student from Walla Walla University who studies cephalopods’ adaptability in an ever-changing ocean using RNA editing, and makes beautiful cephalopod-themed art.

Hosted by Science Friday’s Director of Audience, Ariel Zych.