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'Wait Wait' for Dec. 25th, 2021: A Stocking Full of Fun

Rich Fury
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Happy Holidays, one and all! Whether you've opened your presents already or not, dig deep in that stocking, because we've wrapped up a collection of our favorite moments from this past year, just for you! And, no there's no gift receipt, don't even ask.

Bowen Yang Plays Not My Job
Saturday Night Live superstar Bowen Yang is one of the funniest people alive. Though he started as a writer, he had a breakout year in front of the camera this year. To celebrate, we invited him on to play a game about the local news that we called, "Monday-Friday Night Live."

Bluff the Listener
In a never-before-heard Bluff the Listener game, our panelists read three stories about the Christmas traditions of the rich and famous, only one of which is true.

Lindsey Vonn Plays Not My Job
Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn has won just about every championship there is to win, but she's never played our game. Since she's probably used to people screaming "Go, Vonn! Go!" guest host Maz Jobrani decided to ask her three questions about Vincent Van Gogh.

Elizabeth Warren Plays Not My Job
Senator Elizabeth Warren must need a break from Congress. In addition to writing a new book this year, she took the time to swing by our show to play a game that guest host Maz Jobrani called "Senator Warren Peace," three questions about the classic Tolstoy novel

Panel Question
In another never-before-aired moment, panelists Maeve Higgins, Luke Burbank, and Cristela Alonzo answer a question about an advent calendar gone wrong

Symone Plays Not My Job
RuPaul's Drag Race winner Symone has been celebrated as one of the greatest participants in the show's history. And she proves why during her appearance with us. She also plays a game about plumbers we call, "Lip Sync, Meet Fix Sink"

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