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Documentary About Man-Made Noise Disrupting Marine Habitat Set For South Coast Screening

Documentary "Sonic Sea" which looks at impacts of man-made noise on whales, and other sea life to be screened in Santa Barbara July 14th

A new documentary looking at how man-made noise in the ocean is disrupting the habitat of whales, and other type of sea life is going to be screened on the South Coast this week.

“Sonic Sea” is a documentary produced by a coalition of environmental groups trying to raise awareness about how noise ranging from the use of sonar to oil and gas production is impacting marine life.

Daniel Hinerfeld is one of the directors of “Sonic Sea”. He says the film was produced by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the production company Imaginary Forces, the International Fund For Animal Welfare and Diamond Docs.

Michael Jasney, the Director of the NRDC’s Marine Mammal Protection Project, is in the documentary. He says the biggest issue is the military use of sonar, and that because it has the world’s most powerful navy, the U.S. is the largest offender. Jasney says there’s been progress in limiting sonar use, especially off of California and Hawaii, but that the fight is ongoing.

Other big sources of noise pollution that hurt marine life includes cargo ships, underwater oil and gas drilling operation, and underwater construction, experts say.

“Sonic Sea” director Daniel Hinerfeld says the film’s timing is important. He believes the ocean noise issue is a fixable one. “Sonic Sea” was released in January, and has been honored at some film festivals. This spring, it was shown on the Discovery Channel, and Animal Planet.

It will be screened July 14th at 7 PM at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum.

Information on screening:

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