Art And Science Mix For Exhibition Which Gives People Experience Of Facing A Wildfire

You can hear the wind whipping, and the flames crackling as you are surrounded on three sides by a raging brush fire. It’s an overwhelming, almost frightening experience. But, it isn’t real. It’s part of a new multimedia exhibit on the South Coast which mixes art and science, called “Burn Cycle: Living With Fire.”

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A new report by a task force created by the governor is calling for a number of steps to help the state deal with wildfires. It highlights the fact that when you include infernos like the Thomas Fire, and the Woolsey Fire, 10 of most destructive brush fires in the state’s history have occurred since 2015.

A Ventura County congresswoman has introduced a trio of bills intended to battle homelessness among veterans.

One of the bills introduced by Democratic Congresswoman Julia Brownley of Westlake Village would give landlords a tax credit if they accept government housing vouchers for veterans.

An actor and singer who’s perhaps best known for his role in the iconic movie “Forrest Gump” is hosting a free show in Ventura County this weekend to honor public safety first responders. Gary Sinise and his Lt. Dan Band will host what’s being called the “Concert For Defenders” Saturday at California Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks.

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Dogs were barking and some residents were woken up on the Montecito Coastline when a professional-style fireworks show exploded into the skies without warning around 9:40 P.M. Thursday night.

The show, which could be seen for miles, had numerous shells projected into the skies.

The sound reverberated into Santa Barbara and Mission Canyon, triggering phone calls to authorities and fire agencies.

Santa Barbara County has a new County Public Health Officer, and it's somone who was already a familiar face in the region's medical community.

Dr. Henning Ansorg was appointed to the post this week.  Ansorg has been with the county since 2016, and most recently served as a Deputy Public Health Officer.

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Researchers Studying Population Size, Economic Value Of Mysterious Giant Sea Bass Off Coast

This is one whopper of a fish tale. You’re diving off of one of the Channel Islands, and you come face to face with a giant fish. The Giant Sea Bass can live as long as many humans, to around 70 years old. Some South Coast researchers are conducting a pair of studies to help us learn more about the mysterious fish.

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Ebony magazine was more than a publication — to black America, it was a public trust. It held a place of prominence in millions of African-American households whose members did not otherwise see themselves in the mainstream media. So back in 2015, when Johnson Publishing Company announced it was spinning off its flagship magazine, Ebony, and also its news magazine sibling, Jet, people knew something was up.

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Politics, policies, yada, yada. Time for sports.


When Jeff Kinney started working on Diary of a Wimpy Kid, he thought he was writing a comic for adults. "I always thought of comics as being for grown-ups, or maybe just for everyone," he says. After eight years of work, he finally showed it to an editor and learned: "I had actually written a children's series which was an absolute surprise to me."

That "surprise" has now sold 180 million copies. There are 13 installments of Greg Heffley's diary and now, Greg's best friend Rowley Jefferson, is getting his own book — Diary of an Awesome Friendly Kid.

This past week in San Francisco, food writers and environmentalists gathered to taste some breakfast cereal.

This particular cereal had an ingredient — the milled seeds of a little-known plant called Kernza — that's the result of a radical campaign to reinvent agriculture and reverse an environmentally disastrous choice made by our distant ancestors.

For the past three decades, Dervish has been at the forefront of reinventing traditional Irish folk songs. The Sligo-based band is "breathing new life" into the beloved music of its homeland with The Great Irish Songbook, an album pulling from an eclectic range of genres and the voices of over a dozen featured artists.

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"Little Woods" is a new movie about a woman named Ollie, played by Tessa Thompson, who got busted smuggling drugs across the Canadian border and is now on parole, about to get off.


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A nonprofit group in Philadelphia is fighting in court to be allowed to open the first facility in the country for people to use illegal opioids under medical supervision. The group, called Safehouse, has the backing of local government, yet faces a legal challenge from federal prosecutors.

The idea of supervised injection sites is to offer people a space where they can use drugs under the supervision of trained medical staff, who are prepared with the overdose-reversal drug naloxone. Such sites supply clean needles and other supplies, but users bring their own drugs.