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Good Gourd! Why Santa Maria is inviting you to smash pumpkins

A fun way to recycle pumpkins is happening in Santa Maria on Saturday
Caroline Feraday
A fun way to recycle pumpkins is happening in Santa Maria on Saturday

It's a fun way to recycle those Halloween pumpkins.

'Smash them, don't trash them,' — that's the word from the City of Santa Maria. Pumpkins, of course.

"We don't want you to throw your pumpkins and your gourd in the trash can where they might go off to the landfill. We want you to recycle them. So we've come up with another fun way," explained Mark van de Kamp from the Santa Maria City Manager's office.

He says smashing pumpkins isn't just a good way to recycle them, but a fun way to go about it.

"Bring the pumpkin, if you want to smash it, we will have a target or targets," said van de Kamp. "We will have pumpkin bowling. We may even have some additional pumpkins available at the event while supplies last, and we'll be happy to collect all the busted up Jack O'Lanterns and we'll be putting them into composting for the benefit of the community."

Pumpkin Smashing will take place on Saturday November 4, from 1pm until 4pm at the Town Center West parking lot near Broadway (Highway 135) and Main Street (Highway 166). Admission and parking are free.

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