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A new way to help reunify lost pets with their owners in Ventura County

Docupet tags are being introduced for licensed pets in Ventura County
Docupet tags are being introduced for licensed pets in Ventura County

DocuPet is being introduced for licensed pets in the county.

All dogs in Ventura County and cats in Moorpark and Oxnard are required to be licensed. It's hoped a new partnership between Ventura County Animal Services and Docupet will encourage more owners to do just that.

"It's an absolutely amazing technology," explained Randy Friedman from Ventura County Animal Services.

He says the technology will make it much easier to be reunited with your lost pet, as well as take pressure off local shelters, which are already at, or over, capacity.

"These tags are absolutely incredible. They have QR codes on them. They have custom URLs where if you, for example, find a missing pet and you look at their caller ID, it has a QR code you scan that you can actually help reunite that animal with their families without having the animal come to the shelter and take a valuable kennel space. They can get home right away," he told KCLU.

DocuPet is available to pet owners in Camarillo, Fillmore, Moorpark, Ojai, Oxnard, Port Hueneme, Simi Valley, Ventura, and Unincorporated Ventura County. Licensing fees for dogs in VCAS jurisdictions and cats in Moorpark and Oxnard will have late fees waived for 90 days post-launch.

For more information and to register your pet's license online, please visit Licensing by mail, phone, and in-person options are also available.

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