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Central Coast residents could save thousands of dollars when changing how they heat their homes

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Lincoln Barbour
A series of programs could save Central Coast residents thousands of dollars when upgrading to an all-electric heat pump

There are financial incentives for Central Coast residents when it comes to making a change to an all-electric heat pump.

Residents who upgrade their natural gas furnace or water heaters to high-efficiency, all-electric heat pumps could qualify for thousands of dollars in incentives.

"Also you're getting a much more efficient system, " explained April Price from 3C-REN, (Tri-County Regional Energy Network).

Price said the financial incentives could save customers between $6,000 and $14,000 off the total cost of a heat pump project.

She told KCLU that these are some of the most generous incentives in the state.

Price explained that as well as 3C-REN (Tri-County Regional Energy Network) offering incentives, they can be combined with programs from 3CE (Central Coast Community Energy), and TECH Clean California and also combined with Federal tax credits for larger savings and added benefits like lower energy bills, more comfortable homes, and reduced carbon emissions.

The Community Environmental Council (CEC) launched a new program with funding from 3C-REN, Electrify Your Life, aimed at helping residents navigate the tax credits and incentive programs that can be stacked together.

Incentives and tax credits vary based on location, income and other factors.

Interested individuals living in the Tri-Counties can call 805.881.3877 or email: to access resources and identify discounts to electrify their home.

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