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Grand Jury says Ventura County schools need to do more to help address student mental health issues

Ümit Bulut
A new Ventura County Grand Jury report says more can be done to support the mental health of students in the county's public schools.

Ventura County Grand Jury report says campus wellness centers, and adding more mental health professionals will help.

A new Ventura County Grand Jury report says the county’s schools need to do more to address the mental health concerns of students.

The report cites statistics from a study showing that one in six middle and high school students in Ventura County at one point contemplated suicide.

High schools in Oxnard and the Conejo Valley have been running pilot wellness centers for students. The report says the programs are making an impact, and should be expanded to all high schools in the county by June of 2024.

The Grand Jury notes there are 72 mental health professionals working on the county’s 190 public school campuses. It says that number is low, and more are needed. It also says that the Ventura County Office of Education, and school districts need to do more to get available Med-Cal dollars for school based mental health services.

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