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Santa Barbara County looking at $1.4 billion budget for new fiscal year

Sharon McCutcheon
Santa Barbara County's proposed new $1.4 billion budget would maintain services and program at current levels, as well as keeping a $40 million reserve fund.

For fourth year in row, budget would keep programs and services at current levels, without cuts.

Santa Barbara County leaders are considering a proposed $1.4 billion budget for the upcoming fiscal year, which will allow the county to maintain programs and services at current levels.

It’s the fourth year in a row that the county is looking at a budget which wouldn’t require cuts.

There has been minor growth in property, sales, and hotel tax revenue.

Cannabis tax revenue dipped slightly in the last year, to $16 million, because of a drop in market prices. The budget proposal includes a full funded reserve fund of more than $40 million.

Santa Barbara County Supervisors will begin their final budget hearings Tuesday morning, and continue into Wednesday if needed.