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Residents of South Coast city facing major water, sewer rate hikes

Ventura water, wastewater rates going up over next few years.

Combined water and sewer rates to go up around $7.76 a year into 2025 for average Ventura homeowner.

Residents of one South Coast city are facing major hikes for their water and wastewater service.

After about a year of review, and more than a half dozen public hearings, the City of Ventura is implementing hikes in its water related service charges.

The average Ventura homeowner pays about $90.00 a month for water, and wastewater service. Starting in July, it will go up by around $7.76 a year. The end result is that by 2025, the average monthly charge for the services will have moved from around $90.00 to about $128.00.

City officials say the hikes are needed for critical repairs and upgrades to the city’s aging water and wastewater infrastructure. The funding will also help the city’s efforts to lock down water supplies in the face of the drought.