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Young bear has adventure in Santa Barbara County, enjoying shower before being relocated to wild

Santa Barbara County Fire Department
A young black bear frolicked through Cuyama before being relocated Friday.

Bear plays in church sprinkler, lounges in yard of home before being tranquilized and moved to hills.

A young bear frolicked its way through a Santa Barbara County community before getting a trip to the county’s backcountry, courtesy of the state’s Fish and Wildlife Department.

The black bear showed up in Cuyama, and started playing in water from a sprinkler on the grounds of a church. The bear then ambled over to the yard of a nearby home, where it rested after its adventure.

State Fish and Wildlife officers tranquilized the bear. With the help of Santa Barbara County firefighters from Cuyama’s Station 27, it was loaded into a truck and driven to some nearby hills for release back into the wild.