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Senior prank gone wrong? South Coast high school has broken windows, vandalized facilities

Santa Barbara Police
Police say this is some of the damage caused during a senior prank gone wrong at Santa Barbara High School.

Police say an estimated 50 to 60 students took part in vandalism at Santa Barbara High School.

It apparently started off as a prank by dozens of South Coast high school students. But police say it went too far, with vandalism, and broken windows on a school campus.

Some people who live near Santa Barbara High School called police at around 10:30 p.m. Monday, reporting that they heard loud noises and breaking glass. Officers arriving at the campus say they found 50 to 60 students fleeing the school’s main building. They were able to catch 16 of them.

The officers discovered that students, as part of a senior prank, dumped baby oil, Vaseline, raw fish, and oysters in the hallway, and rubbed it on door handles.

Some windows were broken, and school property vandalized. There’s no word on the cost of the damage, or whether the students will face criminal charges.