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It's not your imagination; COVID-19 numbers on the rise again in the Tri-Counties

National Institutes Of Health
COVID-19 numbers are in the rise again on the Central and South Coasts.

3100+ new cases reported in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obispo Counties in the last week. The total since the start of the pandemic tops 323,000.

The latest COVID-19 case numbers for the Central and South Coasts show that the latest surge for the region is continuing.

More than 3100 cases additional cases have been reported in the Tri-Counties during the last week. Ventura County has more than 1800 new cases, Santa Barbara County 749, and San Luis Obispo County 586. They’re some of the highest totals in months.

There have been more than 323,000 officially reported COVID-19 cases in the three counties since the start of the pandemic. But, public health officials say with home testing readily available, the actual number is much higher, because many people aren’t reporting their positive tests.

The region has had nearly 2700 COVID-19 related deaths.