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South Coast education leader reacts to word COVID-19 vaccinations won't be required next school year

Ventura County Schools Superintendent is urging everyone who is eligible to get vaccinated for the next school year, even if it isn't required by the state.

Ventura County Schools Superintendent says getting shots is still a good idea, even if it isn't mandatory.

Ventura County’s top education official is responding to word from the state that vaccinations won’t be mandatory for public school students during the upcoming school year.

State officials say that since vaccines still haven’t been approved for all school-age kids, they will push the mandate back to the 2023-2024 school year.

Ventura County Superintendent of Schools Cesar Morales says that even though the vaccinations aren’t mandated, they remain a vital tool in efforts to keep schools open, and students in class.

Morales says while it isn’t mandated, everyone who is able to be vaccinated should get the protection.