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Some South Coast businesses could soon be paying more taxes...voluntarily!

A Santa Barbara County Supervisor has announced he's running for the State Assembly seat representing Santa Barbara County.

More than 100 Montecito property owners are asked to form a business improvement district to fund things like traffic improvements and a marketing campaign.

A unique kind of election is getting underway on the South Coast. Some property owners are deciding whether to tax themselves to improve their business district.

115 Montecito property owners are being asked if they want to form a Coast Village Community Benefit Improvement District.

If they approve the new tax, it would raise about $300,000 a year which could be used for everything from traffic improvements to a Coast Village marketing campaign.

The proposed district covers about six square blocks in the Coast Village Road, and Los Patos Way areas. Business owners have some time to think about the question. While ballots are going out this week, they aren’t due until June 7th.